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TM Series Turning Milling CNC Lathe

Machine & technology

Simultaneous five axes control and twin synchronous spindles.

The simultaneous control of 5 axes gets machining part production times
by full synchronization of main and back spindles.
Cutting the complex parts through both turning and milling by one setup and skip any fixtures.

Special features:

1. The simultaneous control of 5 axes permits minimum part production times.
2. Flexible vertical tool holder system with 5 turning and 12 live tools.
3. Stations for front machining and 4 stations for back machining.
4. Main spindle with C axis function
5. The 3 axes linear turret is ideal for chip discharge and offers an extreme rigidity.

TM Series

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Technology & Options

Hydraulic Chuck

The standard hydraulic collect chuck controlled by a foot switch for efficient clamping. For the optional jaws chuck, inward or outward clamping can be set by parameters.

Precision Spindle

The cartridge type is conveniently removed allowing for convenient servicing. The spindle runs on class P4 precision bearings providing high axial thrust capability. This ensures high precision during heavy duty turning.

8” Hydraulic Jaws Chuck(For TM50/TMD50)

The optional jaws chuck controlled by a foot switch for efficient clamping. The inward or outward clamping can be set by parameters.

Linear Life Tools Turret

The turret provides quick tool change and reduces no-cutting time by linear transverse. The live tools are powerful enough to cut even stainless steel bar up to 42mm.

Spindle hydraulic brake

The two steps hydraulic brake that can ensure the smooth C axis motion for machining in light braking force. The heavy braking can stop and take all the vibration from milling operations.

Network / CF card reader

ARIX CNC can provide a ball Bar Testing to replace actual circular cutting Test to adjust the relevant electrical parameters.

All axes are rigid linear guides

The six blocks support gives the highest rigidity and accuracy among similar specifications machines.

Part Catcher

The standard part catcher makes the whole process more smoothly.

Part Conveyor and Collector

The standard part conveyor gets the production fully automation.

Spindle motor

The BBM motor can cover both low speed high torque C axis motion and high speed turning.

Chip Conveyor

The standard chip conveyor brings out all the chips efficiently and let the cutting area clean.

Swiveling operating panel with LCD display


Durable and Compact Hardwares

Arix CNC MX5 hardware has become more compact and reliable. The slimline operator panel has an extremely low mounting depth. High contrast and good readability even from extreme angle of vision make operation easier. All the keys arrangement is optimized for the operation on the TM series with bar feeder.


Turning Milling Machine Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Operative Lamp
2.Tool Box
3.Tapping Shaft
4.Drilling Shaft
5.Automatic Lubricant System
6.Part Catcher
7.Chip Conveyor
8.Servo Motor 1000W
9.Side Milling 4PCS +
10.Front Side Milling 4 PCS
1.Auto Bar Feeder Machine
2.Automatic Transformer & Stabilizer (15Kva)

Floor Plans