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TS Series Slant Bed CNC TEACH-IN Lathe

Machine & technology

The new slant bed CNC TEACH-IN lathe from ARIX
gives extraordinary machining capacity, stability and precision.

The specially designed structure enhances the heavy cutting capabilities and easy operation TEACH-IN controller makes the quick and simple setup and programming.

Heavy duty Meehanite Cast Bed
The optimal structure is ribbed for maximum stiffness.
The gray cast iron offers excellent damping properties and Meehanite process ensures the casting is properly heat treated and annealed before aging.
The homogenized casting is free from any stress concentrations that can withstand any heavy-duty cutting.
45°slant bed construction assures solid support of turret and efficient chip removal

Hand Scrapped Box side ways
The Cast-in slide-ways generates the maximum rigidity.
The heat treatment by high frequency induction heating produces a depth of 0.5 mm maximum wear resistance structure with tough internal core.
The precise & fine hand scrapping on all contact surfaces ensure the accuracies are held throughout machine life.

High rigidity, High Precision Spindle
The spindle is encased in the ribbed headstock for maximum heat dissipation.
The thick cast iron case can damp all the vibration from cutting.
For spindle configuration, the angular thrust bearings to absorb axial cutting forces and the roller bearings with large bearing areas facilitate heavy cutting capacity.

Fast indexing, durable turret
The turret has Curvic coupling for high positioning accuracy and the hydraulic clamping for heavy cutting.
The fast indexing with bi-directional random selection can shorten the setup time.
The hydraulic index motor offers optimum service life.

Programmable tailstock
The tailstock on slide way gives maximum clamping stability.
The smooth tow along action is done by turret.
The hydraulic clamping to bed has variable hydraulic pressure to tailstock quill.

Direct Drive Mechanism
High precision preloaded ballscrews for reduced backlash.
Direct coupling eliminates motor backlash and improves torque transmission characteristics.
Absence of belt or gear drives removes transmission vibration.

Technology & Options

Quality Features Assure Greater Value!

MX5 User-firendly Controller
With compact provides the most user-friendly controller from teach-in functions and other functions like MPG simulation.

Bi-directional turret provides quick tool change and reduces no-cutting time.
The 10-position turret accomodates 25 x 25 mm O.D. tools and 40 mm I.D. tools. THe 12-position turret accomodates 20 x 20 mm O.D. tools and 32 mm I.D. tools.

The hydraulic chuck is controlled by a high speed through-hole rotary cylinder.
The high quality rotary cylinder features compact construction and light weight to reduce the burden of machinery, while ensuring stability at high speed running.

The CNC lathe has a standard hydraulic chuck controlled by a foot switch for efficient clamping of workpieces.

The spindle is mounted with high precision class P4 NN type roller bearing and trust bearing, providing outstanding radial and trust loads.
The spindle is precision machined from high quality alloy steel, hardness, precision ground and dynamical balanced, making it ideal for heavy duty machining

In addition to the oil fluid separation design on X- and Z-axes, the cutting fluid tank is specially designed with a layrinth construction to fully exhaust the floating oil.
This assures no oil in the fluid tank to ensure a clean re-circulated fluid.

The X-, Z-axes ball screws are directly driven by servomotors.
The high precision ball screws, combined with pre-loaded double nuts and rigid coupling, assure high positioning and repeatability accuracy.

The spindle is driven by a powerful motor providing great horsepower output for heavy duty machining.

The automatic lu-bricator provides lubrication toall slideways, ball screws and tail-stock ensures smooth motions atall times.

The CNC lathe has a standard hydraulic chuck controlled by a foot switch for efficient clamping of workpieces.

The two steps hydraulic brake that can ensure the smooth C axis motion for machining in light braking force. The heavy braking can stop and take all the vibration from milling operations.

Option Accessories

The tool pre-setter effectively reduces cutting tests while saving machining time.
The mechanism is used for measuring the tool diameter and length.
The tool adjustment arm is powered and program controlled.

The chip conveyor can bring the chips away from the working area to avoid the thermal effect of chips.It saves the time for clean up the chips and can be controlled by program.

The ruggedly constructed, programmable tailstock and quill movement can be controlled on the control panel for easy set-up and accurate positioning.
Tailstock movement is driven by turret slide.

High capacity designed coolant tank maintains the coolant temperature.
The submerged type coolant pump delivers high pressure coolant to flush chips and extend tool service life.
High efficient disk type oil / water separator provides quick oil / water separate (option).

VDI30, 12-Position power turret with AC servomotor.
Tool drive with spindle orientation.
Tools individually driven.
Radial tool mounting


Easy Progmminng Teach-In Functions


TS Series Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Coolant system
2.Chuck open/close confirmation
3.Hydraulic pressure confirmation
4.Fully enclosed splash guard
5.Tricolor alarm lamp
6.Leveling bolts and blocks
7.Heat exchanger
8.Wark lamp
9.Tool bax
10.CNC controller
11.Boring bar holder 2 sets.
12.O.D./facing tool holder 2 sets.
13.U drill holder 1 sets.
14.Boring socket : for H10
*12 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 32 1piece for each
*Drillinng socket MT.3 x 40 1 piece
*12 / 16 / 20 / 25 1piece for each
*Drillinng socket MT.3 x 32 1 piece.
15.Boring socket : for H12
16.Pedal swith for chuck open & close.
17.Hydraulic hollow chuck open & close.
18.Auto lubrication systen.
19.Soft jaws & hard jaws 1 set for each.
20.Operation manual.
21.Maintenance manual.
1.Oil mist collector
2.Auto length measuring toolsetter
3.Hydraulic power unit cooling system
4.Auto door
5.Air conditioner
6.Oil/water separator
7.Cutting fluid cooling device
8.20 kg.high pressure coolant system
9.Chip conveyor
10.Programmable tailstock
12.Bar feeder
13.Bar feeder interface
14.Parts catcher
15.Parts conveyor
16.Chuck high/low pressure change
17.Collet chuck
18.CE configuration.
19.Part cut off detection.
20.Air blow system for cleaning chuck.
21.VDI 30 x 12 tools / 20mm Turret.
22.Cs axis control & function with break system /
VDI 30 revolving tool turret.

Floor Plans