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The New V series High Speed Centers.

Machine & technology

The New V series High Speed Centers.
Completely Reinvented.

Powerful machine covers wider rang cutting

Technology & Options

Network/ CF card reader
Chip Conveyor

The chip conveyor can bring the chips away from the working area to avoid the thermal effect of chips.
Chip Conveyor

It saves the time for clean up the chips and can be controlled by program.


VMC5K Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1. Coolant tank
2. Work lamp
3. Toolbox
4. Coolant motor
5. Coolant system
6. Spindle air blow system
7. Chip air blow device
8. Heat exchanger for cabinet
9. M30 Indication lamp
10. Full enclosed guard
11. Central lubricator
12. Manuals
13. Leveling bolts and pads
14. Armless ATC
1. Ethernet
2. 2.1GHard desk
3. 4th axis
4. 5th axis
5. Tool setter
6. Optical scale
7. Dustproof device for graphite machining
8. Oil and lubricant separator
9. Oil-mist cooling system
10. Coolant through spindle
11. Thermal compensation of spindle expansion
12. Siemens controller

Floor Plans