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V1600 Gear Head Heavy Duty Center

Machine & technology

The geared-head spindle provides increased torque for heavy cuts, still keeping the ability to run at high rpm for high speed machining.
The BT50 is standard for the spindle.

Technology & Options

TRT 450
TRT 450 is the largest add-on five axis table on the V1600.

There are two optional gear boxes. The integrated gear box has an oil-cooling system circulates oil to all vital areas inside the gear box. The ZF gear box is also possible BT50 up to 8000RPM.

End Mill
Tool: 50 mm
Feed-Rate: 150 mm/min
Depth of Cut: 48 mm
Spindle Speed: 500 rpm
Travel: 360 CC/min
Material: S45C

Face Cutter
Tool: 100 mm
Feed-Rate: 880 mm/min
Width of Cut: 100 mm
Depth of Cut: 5.7 mm
Spindle Speed: 400 rpm
Travel: 500 CC/min
Armless ATC
Laser calibration

Ball bar test

Heat exchanger

Arm type ATC
Coolant ThroughSpindle(CTS)
Spindle oil coolingsystem
3D touch probe
Tool length pre-setter(Mechanical)
3D Tool pre-setter(Mechanical)
Five axis tables(100mm-500mm)
Air Conditionerfor Electrical Cabinet
3D touch probe

Coolant particles filter (10um) for CTS


Floor Plans