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V1200 Compact Powerful Universal High Speed Centers

Machine & technology

V1200 with three linear guides up to 45mm can bear the largest integrated five axis table up to 500mm.
V1200 is the optimal solution for five axis milling of aviation components, structure components and navigation components.


Technology & Options

The integrated design takes out the table and can bear more weight than conventional add-on five axis table. There are less interference in the large part machining by this design.

There are three linear ways that can bear the heavy weight from the load or fice axis table but still keep good accuracy. The six blocks head unit can fit BT40 or BT50 spindles. The z axis keeps less deformation during forth and back motion through this design.
Armless ATC
Laser calibration

Ball bar test

Heat exchanger

Arm type ATC
Coolant ThroughSpindle(CTS)
Spindle oil coolingsystem
3D touch probe
Tool length pre-setter(Mechanical)
3D Tool pre-setter(Mechanical)
Five axis tables(100mm-500mm)
Air Conditionerfor Electrical Cabinet
3D touch probe

Coolant particles filter (10um) for CTS



V1200 Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Work lamp
2.Tools box
3.Coolant pump
4.Coolant system
5.Air blow
6.Heat exchanger
7.Alarm lamp
8.Full closeed guard
9.Automatic lubrication system
10.Operation manual
11.Armless ATC
1.Hard driver
2.USB Interface
3.Arm type ATC
4.4 / 5th Axis rotary table
5.Tool pre-setter
6.Oil-water separator
7.Oil mist coolant
8.CTS system
9.3D Touch probe
10.Chip conveyor
11.Remote MPG

 Floor Plans