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The cost effective high-speed-machining center

Machine & technology

Standard BT40-10,000 and BT50-6,000 rpm spindle can reach various machining requirement.
E economic floppy disk, CF card, network and high driver get the advantages of user-friendly interface.
Powerful 2000 blocks look ahead function can cut faster and more precision.
Get double output of the production under the same investment

X, Y axis linear guide and Z axis square waygive the best configuration.

Technology & Options

BT50 head unit can stand high torque drilling.

Now counter weight design makes free of the disturbance from the rapid up/down movement.

Box type base structure guarantees the best accuracy even under heavy load on the table.

Armless ATC
Laser calibration

Ball bar test

Heat exchanger

Arm type ATC
Coolant ThroughSpindle(CTS)
Spindle oil coolingsystem
3D touch probe
Tool length pre-setter(Mechanical)
3D Tool pre-setter(Mechanical)
Five axis tables(100mm-500mm)
Air Conditionerfor Electrical Cabinet
3D touch probe

Coolant particles filter (10um) for CTS


V1000 Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Tools box
2.Automatic lubrication system
3.Operation manual
4.Full close cove
1.Rigid Tapping
2.Forth Axis rotary table
3.20/16 arm type ATC
4.Hard driver
6.high speed and high accuracy function

Floor Plans