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V800 The high speed mould making center

Machine & technology

The robust machine body integrates the HSM controller provide the best finish part.
Thanks to the HSM to make same day delivery possible for the sub-contract machining.
Built-in cooling system for the spindle unit to reduce the thermal defrom ation.
Teach-in functions get the operation user-friendly and save the programming time.

Technology & Options

Full clse cover and telescope.

10.4" TFT LCD monitor.

Soindle oil cooling system.

Oil and coolant separate recover system.
Armless ATC
Laser calibration

Ball bar test

Heat exchanger

Arm type ATC
Coolant ThroughSpindle(CTS)
Spindle oil coolingsystem
3D touch probe
Tool length pre-setter(Mechanical)
3D Tool pre-setter(Mechanical)
Five axis tables(100mm-500mm)
Air Conditionerfor Electrical Cabinet
3D touch probe

Coolant particles filter (10um) for CTS


V800 Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Tools box
2.Automatic lubrication system
3.Operation manual
4.Full close cove
1.Rigid Tapping
2.Forth Axis rotary table
3.20/16 arm type ATC
4.Hard driver
6.high speed and high accuracy function