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V450a 5 Axis High Speed Machining Center

Machine & technology

Powerful Compact High Speed Centers
Covers 3D Complicated Profile and Five Axis Machining.
Cut the most complicated parts.

BT30-24, 000 build-in spindle can achieve the perfect surface from both milling and engraving.
The high rigidity from ceramic bearing can cut the stainless alloy steel easily.
Versatile and flexible five axis table allows to drill or cut along the normal direction to get the perfect operation.
Look ahead 2000 blocks high speed function.
Floppy driver, hard driver, compact flast card and network give the easy access to large memory NC programs.
Floor occupancy only 3 square meter (1.5m by 2m)

All casting structures undergo precise and detailed designs, analysis and calculations by CAD/CAE software. Closed and sealed casting with damping sand inside can absorb all the vibration from high speed machining. the heavy machine design can bear the high acceleration and deceleration without vibration.
Both result in smooth and fine surface on complicate 3d profile.

High Rigidity and High Precision Structural Design - Reliable Accuracy Foundation.

All three-axis use linear motion guides XY25mm / Z32mm that generate more smooth motion under lower friction. No counter weight Z-Axis driving system design eliminates all the oscillation from speed upwards-downards motion. The high rigidity direct-drive coupling can transmit torque efficiently and reduce the torsion displacement to minimum. These guarantee the accurate cutting of sharp edge during the high speed machining.

Modularized multi-purposes spindle designs fit all requests from different users. From heavy duty cutting BT40 spindle to high speed & high accuracy ceramic spindle can provide a total solution to all machining operations.

BT30 build-in ceramic high-speed spindle combines both milling and engraving operations with one machine.

BT40 timing belt spindle provides giggler horsepower also allows installing optional central coolant through spindle.

The design of fully support linear motion guide reduces the gravity deformation during mechanical movement to a minimum. Closed box designed base with three points supports provides high rigidity and accuracy foundation.

Technology & Options

Mini - High Speed High Precision CNC Machining Center
Cut the most complicated parts.

Optional Coolant Through Spindle device

BT40 Spindle can enhance Drilling efficiency with optional Coolant Though Spindle unit.

Standard Armless Type 10 tools ATC

Standard armless 10 tools ATC provides a stable and reliable tool changing mechanism.

Laser Calibration before Delivery

Laser Calibration Instruments is used on every machine before delivery to customers to guarantee the positioning accuracy after a minimum of 48 hours dry running.

Optional Arm Type 20 tools ATC

Faster tools changing mechanism suitable for parts machining.

3-Axis Telescope Covers

Better protection system and more effective for getting rid of cutting chips while using 3-axis telescope covers.

Ball-Bar Testing

ARIX CNC can provide a ball Bar Testing to replace actual circular cutting Test to adjust the relevant electrical parameters.

Optional Tool Length Setter 2

"Renishaw" Tool Length Seter can measure and offset the tool length and radius even though the tool is rotating.

Optional Spindle Oil Cooler

Spindle Oil Cooler keeps the operating temperature constant and prolongs spindle's life / accuracy and etc.

Optional Universal Functions 5th Axis tilt Table

The simultaneous motion of 5 Axis provides universal matching applications.

Optional Tool Length Setter 1

Covered Tool Length setter allows automatic tool length offset by CNC unit.

Optional High Performance 4th Axis Rotary Table

With the high rigidity and high precision of 4th axis rotary table can provides stable and reliable rotation and index accuracy.

Optional Spindle Configurations

BT30-12,000RPM / BT30-24,000RPMBT40-8,000RPM / BT40-12,000RPM


V450a Specifications

tandard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Tools box 1.Rigid Tapping
2.Automatic lubrication system 2.BT40 - 12,000 RPM
3.Full close cover 3.BT30 - 24,000 RPM
4.Work lamp and alarm lamp 4.Rotary table 125mm
  5.Arm Type 20/16 tools ATC
  6.Hard driver
  8.Five axis table 125mm
  9.Coolant Through Spindle device
  10.Tool Length Setter.

Floor Plans