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DV700 Door Milling Machine Center

Machine & technology

The New Gantry DV series High Speed Centers.
Completely Reinvented.

The V series high-speen machining center is a big act to follow. In fact, it's the most successful high- speed centers we ever made. Now we start to create its successor, we did not just refine it, we completely reinvent it as new DV series. The new DV series is built for rigidity, speed and accuracy. With its well-designed rigid gantry structure, built-in spindle, optional tool setter, forth axis and five axis, and high end PC based controller, it outperforms the existing high-speed centers in performance to cost standard. With its Flexible, extensible and upgrade able PC based controller, it keeps the machine performance most updated and even faster after a decade on field.

The new DV series gives you more in every way: Up to 24,000RPM Built-in spindle, Up to 8GB internal more slots and more ways to connect to external divices using built-in 100Mbps Ethernet, the new DV series have been engineered to optimal to take up less space and all can go into container for transportation. The spindle to front distance is reduced to the most accessible that gives the most comfortable operation to load the tooling.

More cost-effective solutions, Better machining quality, Shorter delivery times. Thins goal drives the forward-looking strategy at ARIX. With DV series for achieving competitive advantages can be found for die and mould makers and precision part production. It combines cost-favorable technology with superior quality and powerful controls self-made.

Powerful HSM machine covers wider rang cutting

For DV700 development, the optimal structural design, the high speed spindles, the powerful drive mechanism and the advanced control system, all are designed with high speed machining in mind.
The body with a cross shape bed and one piece column makes a rigid and stable machine with better cutting capacity and accuracy.

The most powerful HSM machine.
No matter how you cut with it.

 Technology & Options

Standard Armless ATC

Standard armless 16 pockets ATC provides a stable and reliable tool changing tool changing mechanism.

Standard Adjustable Coolant Nozzle

The nozzle directs coolant precisely at the part and generates strong current to wash away all the fine chips from cutting.

Oil Cooling through hollow ball screw

A ball screw cooling system keeps the temperature constant thus also keeps the thermal stability and superior accuracy.

Linear optical scale

For absolute positioning accuracy request, the only way to ensure the exact position of all axis in spite of environment fluctuation are linear optical scales. with 1-micron resolution, these scales deliver high accuracy for the mold making.

Coolant oi automatic Separatorl

This unit can remove oils and additives the contaminate coolant and proevent smell.
This makes the coolant life longer and reduces coolant waste.

Covered tool setter gats long life

Covered Tool Length setter allows automatic tool length offset by CNC unit.

Easy code tool setting system

The ARIX tool setting system is a full featured, high-resolution hardware. It can do more than just tool setting.
With programming, you can perform in-process toolcheck and call the spare tool (same size as the original tool) to replace the broken tool and continue the operation automatically without any intervention.

5th axis option

Afully integrated 5th axis table creates a more diversified capability that boosts more applications and productivity. With the five axis simultaneous motion can cut the most complicated profile with smooth finish surface.

4th axis option

The high precisom 4th axis can provides reliable and accurate rotation.


Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1. Coolant tank
2. Work lamp
3. Toolbox
4. Coolant motor
5. Coolant system
6. Spindle air blow system
7. Chip air blow device
8. Heat exchanger for cabinet
9. M30 Indication lamp
10. Full enclosed guard
11. Central lubricator
12. Manuals
13. Leveling bolts and pads
14. Armless ATC
1. Ethernet
2. 2.1GHard desk
3. 4th axis
4. 5th axis
5. Tool setter
6. Optical scale
7. Dustproof device for graphite machining
8. Oil and lubricant separator
9. Oil-mist cooling system
10. Coolant through spindle
11. Thermal compensation of spindle expansion
12. Siemens controller