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DV250 Door Milling Machine Center

Machine & technology

The Most compact, Most Powerful and Quiet Office High Speed Center.
More Accurate, Economical and Faster Machining Through DV250.

Occupy only 1 by 1.5 mater small space.
Powerful cutting capability from build-in BT30 spindle.
Low noise operation from build-in spindle.
Designed for mini part. watch parts and jeweler machining.
The High Speed Center for hardened insert and copper electrodes cutting.
The Specialized Machine for High Speed Machining in School.


Technology & Options

Mini, High Speed High Precision Machining Center
Mini, but Same Functionalities as Machining Centers.

Laser Calibration

Laser calibration done on all the machines after 48 hours run-in keeps DV250 high accuracy.
Armless Type 6 Tools ATC

Fully covered ATC prodects the tools from chips and dust.
Compact Panel

10.4" TFT LCD with simple and user-friendly interface.
Option Tool Length setter

Covered tool length setter allows automatic tool length offset by CNC unit.
Ball Bar Test

Ball bar test and turning guarantees the best accurate parts done by DV250.
Convenient Chip Tank

Separated Chip pan and tank provides clean and easy chip handing.

DV 250A spindle configuration BT30 / 24,000 / 4.6 KW M8 Tapping and Drill up to 10 mm.

DV250B Spindle configuration BT30 / 15,000 rpm / 5.5 KW 3D machining and engraving capability.



DV250 Specifications

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1.Tools box
2.Automatic lubrication system
3.Full close cove
4.Work lamp and alarm lamp
1.Tool setter
3.Hard driver
4.High speed machining function

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