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CNC turning and milling complex lathe | i-42 Ultimate

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i-42 Ultimate

This innovative series stands out as an automatic lathe!

The i-42 Ultimate designation comprises of 10 axis and 4 spindles which includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning. This also marks the integration of the driven tools having a powerful B- axis milling for simultaneous and efficient machining. Due to this enhancement, the tools application becomes more fast and flexible for complicated parts.

Tilting Motorized Tools

The milling head comprises of 12 motorized tools for 360°continuous leads to even greater flexible tools arrangement and significantly efficient productivity for small and medium lot sizes.


Both main and sub spindle can be synchronized for parting off operations, or can be used for turning longer work pieces.

By synchronizing, transfer of the part from main to sub spindle is precise, and alignment of critical dimensions can be realized.

Synchronizing can be achieved to an accuracy of 0.02 degrees while the spindles are in motion.

No B-axis

i-42 Ultimate

Single B-axis

i-42 Ultimate

Dual B-axis

i-42 Ultimate


Mitsubishi Controller M720
Spindle Capacity Max. Bar Working Dia 42.0mm/60.0mm (option) Mitsubishi Motor Main-spindle AC Spindle 7.5kw/11.0kw(option)
Spindle Max. Turning Length. 250.0mm Sub-spindle AC Spindle 3.7kw
Spindle Collet Chuck Type KK5-173E42B/KK6-185E60B(option) X/Z axis spindle AC Servo 1.0kw
Spindle Nose ISO(DIN) A2-5/ A2-6 X-1/Z-1 axis AC Servo 1.0kw (X1 Z1)
Spindle Bore 44.0/62.0mm (option) Motorized Tool AC Servo 1.0kw/1.5kw (option)
Spindle Speed Range 3000rpm/4000rpm
(4000rpm/6000rpm) option
Sub-Spindle Capacity Max. Turning Dia. 100.0mm
Max. Bar Working Dia 42.0mm
Max. Turning Length. 100.0mm Hydraulic System Hydraulic Motor 1HP
Collet Chuck Type KK5-173E42B Max. Pressure 50kg/cm2
Nose ISO(DIN) A2-5 Tank Capacity 60L
Bore 30.0mm
Speed Range 4000rpm/6000rpm (option)
C Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.001°
Travel & Feed X/Y/Zaxis Travel 150.0/415.0/250.0mm
X-1/Y-1/Z-1axis Travel 410.0/410.0/300.0mm Lubrication Lubricant Motor 25W
Max. Pressure 15kg/cm2
Tank Capacity 2 Liter
A.T.C System OD Tools Main Spindle(1st) 6 Coolant System Coolant Motor Type 2HP coolant ; 4T5-5 hight pressure coolant
ID Tools Main Spindle 4
OD Tools Sub Spindle(2nd) 4
ID Tools Sub Spindle 4
Tool Shank Size 20.0mm
Boring Bar (main) ER-20/20.0mm
Boring Bar (sub) ER-20/20.0mm
Coolant Tank Capacity 240L
Motorized Tool Index Time 0.3sec(one)/0.6(full) Machine Size Length/Width/Height 3500(2900)/1900/1900mm
Number of motorized tools $1-12 tools $2-12 tools
B axis 360°
Speed 4000rpm(Max.)
Size ER-20
Max.Drilling Dia. 12.0mm
Max. Tapping capacity M10xP1.5 Weight 4350kg

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